India is a one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the world. we will give the whole vary of solutions from shooting the event, post-production, the whole streaming web site for on-demand retrieval. Streaming content on your existing web site can even be done Application of On-demand streaming is many like – product information, corporate training, seminars, HR initiatives, etc.

The five fundamental drivers of this convergent business model are uninterrupted connectivity, mobile devices becoming the primary source of content consumption, the need to move away from traditional revenue streams, value shifting from content creators to platforms, and ability to provide a personalised offering to the consumer.

Benefits and Purpose of Video On Demand

  • Broadcast everything you would like to communicate regarding your product and services through beautiful on-line videos
  • Reach out to your customers both on the web and also on leading mobile devices
  • Use on-line videos of your product and services to quickly convert visitors to your web site as your key customers/clients
  • Expand your client base and increase your sales and market share through embedded online videos of your products and services
  • Let your customers totally and effectively appreciate your product and services
  • Enhance communication and standing of your web site through embedded on-line videos
  • Provide options to your clients, customers to view your videos at a time convenient to them

At Swayam Infotech, we provide an all-inclusive service in the context of video on demand. We provide :

  • Complete streaming website solutions
  • Transparently characterised content for on demand recovery later on
  • We ensure flawless laying of streaming content on your subsisting website
  • We modify your web site on the total to integrate effective streaming and build it the central attraction at the positioning

Our Strengths include:

  • Comprehensive webcasting & live streaming solutions
  • International standards and marketing productivity
  • Professionalism in approach
  • Custom-made webcasting solutions
  • Prompt and timely customer services
  • Excellent knowledge & technological know-how
  • Cost effective solutions