The banking and finance industry is one of the most competitive and critical industries for the economy. In this competitive field, a company relies heavily on its information systems and technologies – making it imperative to invest in acquiring, upgrading and maintaining data, systems and infrastructure.

At Swayam Infotech, we pride ourselves on delivering robust software solutions to help financial institutions achieve operational success without breaking the bank – pun intended.

Swayam Infotech brings to the table its established product engineering to help companies:

  • Centralized Information: News analysis, market performance, expert advice and advertised reports offer disparate source of information to the investor. With such a huge plethora of information and knowledge resources it is bound to get confusing. The need is to simplify the knowledge absorption process through a unified channels that works exclusively for the investor(s) benefit.
  • Futures options: A strong predictive analysis model goes a long way in building trust upon a chosen investment vehicle for the investor.
  • Transparent reporting: The curiosity of the mind is ensures that the investors needs a simplified yet holistic view of his/her investment. This gives the investor to track performance and decide upon a future course of actions (like buy, hold or sell).
  • Secure payment: Any and every investment needs to access the investor funds. There is a growing needs for a secure channels that guarantees glitch-free electronic transmission of funds from his/her bank/finance or other source to the appropriate investment vehicle.