Do you need to set up your virtual workplace, and connect with your business anytime, anywhere? Amazon Cloud Services have an incredible contribution to cloud computing. Amazon Web Services is a scalable flexible cloud computing, hosting, and development solution. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cost-effective, adaptable, and reliable cloud computing resources on that you host your applications.

Why Choose Us

    Swayam Infotech is an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and has been a pioneer in Amazon Web Service deployments. Our team of Amazon Web Services experts has deep experience helping companies leverage Amazon Web Services.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • VPC Configuration
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Extensive Experience
  • Database Configuration

Services Offered By Swayam Infotech:-

  • Easy Database Migration and Management

    Swayam Infotech has a team of Database Experts. These experts can quickly and efficiently migrate your databases. We help you with the best cluster design. You do not have to worry about your database during disasters, we have a Powerful Backup System. Hence, we monitor overall performance.
  • Migrate and Strategy Of Amazon Web Services

    We study your current system in depth. We assist you in migrating it to AWS Cloud. After completing the process, we get keys for a well configured and automated cloud environment, that’s fit for your application. Steps covered under this process:-
    • Assessment of Cloud
    • Study the reason for Gap
    • Proper Configuration
    • Final Migration of the Dat
  • Security and Compliance Management

    With experience over years, Swayam Infotech has been playing a leading role in Security and Compliance Management in diversified sections for its valuable clients. We help infeasible and secure network architecture designing and maintenance. Our team monitors security from time to time and helps in risk management. We fix emergency security issues and keep all security features up to date to avoid glitches and mishaps.
  • Automation System

    Smart work is key. The team of Swayam Infotech looks into Automation of Code and Architecture.