Search engine marketing, or SEM, is simply the most effective way to grow your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Swayam Infotech is a search engine marketing company that focuses on making targeted, data-driven campaigns, we build search engine campaigns from scratch or will audit and retool existing campaigns that have been proven ineffective.

SEM is a form of internet marketing that involves, promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising. With SEM, search engine optimization techniques are utilized in combination with the paid advertising strategies to get speedy and effective results for the business. Our search engine marketing enables your business to grow its presence on search results quicker whereas targeting the keywords which will get you the simplest return on investment.

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) / PPC ( Pay Per Click Marketing ) Services:

  • Search Marketing – Identity and eliminating poor-performing key phrase variants and identification of new high-performing phrases for use in Google Adwords and Bing Ads.
  • Social Media Advertising – Ability to focus on audiences on all major social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc…
  • Analytics and Attribution Support – Troubleshooting and distinctive digital measuring opportunities.
  • e-Commerce and products Listing Ads – Ability to execute seasonal and long-run planning, shopping campaigns, and comparison shopping campaigns.
  • Targeting using audience segmentation and private data, social listening, key phrase insights, and more
  • Monthly calls and reporting to campaign performance
  • Locating process, account audit, and development of campaign strategy
  • Provide ready-to-implement unjust recommendations for execution as a part of current PPC management.