A wireframe, also known as a page schematic or screens blueprint, it is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of an application which going to developed. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purposes. The purpose is usually being informed by a business objectives and a creative ideas. It also depicts the page layout or arrangement of the website’s content, including interface elements and navigational systems and how they will work together. The wireframe usually lacks typographic styles, colors, or graphics, since the main focus lies in functionality, behavior and priority of contents. In other words we can say, it focuses on what a screen does, not what it looks like. Wireframes can be pencil drawings or sketches on a whiteboard/papers, or they can be produced by means of a broad array of free or commercial software applications.Wireframes are generally created by business analysts, user (UI/UX) experience designers, experience developers, visual designers and other roles with expertise in interaction of design, information architecture and user research.

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