CodeIgniter is an organized PHP framework structure. It’s an open-source web development tool kit that has a good. We are your one-stop-shop for everything that you need to improve your website and create a better user experience through full-featured web applications. For best Codeigniter Development Services, with years of intensive expertise, it enabled us to provide economical results among lighting speed to users.

Swayam Infotech is a leading web development company that offers excellent CodeIgniter development services. Our development team possesses exceptional technical skills and accelerates your business ventures through the development of feature-rich Codeigniter applications. As a leading and widely accepted PHP framework, Codeigniter has sanctioned us for all these years to provide our clients with intuitive solutions.

How Swayam Infotech differs from others?

The offshore software outsourcing/software development is generally saving cost on the manpower and infrastructure, but at Swayam Infotech we look and work at it a special way, and based on our knowledge and best practice we have a little very sole and advantageous offer to our offshore software outsourcing/software development clients for website development in CodeIgniter framework.

Key Features of CodeIgniter

  • Easy customization and handling
  • Large library
  • Develops dynamic websites at a much faster rate
  • Open-source framework
  • Excellent database support
  • Time-efficient process of development
  • Easy to install and implement
  • Compatible with most of the web platforms and servers
  • Potential functionalities
  • Scalable and robust
  • Open to third-party code integration
  • Easy migration from server to server
  • Additional functionalities to create amazing websites
  • 100% client satisfaction
  • Develops dynamic websites at a much faster rate
  • No complex coding
  • Editable PHP development programs

Our services:

  • Integration Services
  • Easy customization and handling
  • Application migration services
  • Portal development
  • Website development
  • Upgradation services
  • Maintenance and support