With access to the most intelligent workforce on the planet, we hire the best of professionals in every technology we work in. Retaining manpower is our core strength and we do it by providing good employee benefits and growth opportunities.

You can hire one of our dedicated professionals on a one-to-one basis and get your work done without the hassles of opening a business or office in your country. This will not only save the costs at your end but you will also get the best available manpower at a fraction of the prices.

As the world realizes, India has an unlimited pool of professionals in the IT-sphere and we hire some of the best talents here to cater to your outsourcing needs. With a pool of professionals experienced in a range of industries, they are fully geared to do justice to your needs and give them a successful culmination.

We very much understand that in the present-day business world, the need of the hour is to hire dedicated professionals. The age-old dictum of honesty, integrity, and loyalty are applicable in today’s times as well. We are aware of what characterizes a dedicated professional. He would know always what his priorities are. He would never shy away from a new assignment or shirk away from his responsibilities. Thus every time we plan to hire a new employee, we always lay a great emphasis on the passion that the prospective employee carries within him for his work and dedication with which he is willing to work for the company as well as the projects that the company undertakes. The dedication of a professional towards his work is shown by the willingness with which he embarks upon that extra mile, his willingness to carry that extra weight. A dedicated professional would completely understand his role in the organization and the organization’s role in society. The dream of the organization would be his dream the vision of the organization would be his vision, the ideals that the organization upholds would be cherished by him too.

Why use our Dedicated professionals center?

  • Option to start with one dedicated expert
  • Possibility for pre-screening each Dedicated development center team member
  • The Vast pool of IT resources with diverse skills
  • Complete control over the team structure (involvement/replacement/ withdrawal)
  • Team working time adjustment for your time zone
  • Rapid team scaling/involvement of specific subject matter experts on an ad hoc basis
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure
  • Adoption of your process and methodologies upon requirements
  • Transparent process and comprehensive reporting
  • Complete control over your projects flow (requirements/ schedules/ deliverable/ priorities)
  • Established intellectual property protection procedures and mechanisms

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers Swayam Infotech:

  • Guaranteed unbeatable rates – Hire a dedicated person is like hiring your own employee, working from our development center in India without incurring those huge hiring costs and overhead employee expenses. You also have a fixed cost-benefit.
  • Project control on your hand – You can handle your project(s) as you like and give the directions to the dedicated person and assign him as many projects as you want and he will just work for you only.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – In case, you are not satisfied with dedicated developer services and if you have proper reasons then we assure you of the money-back guarantee.
  • Code Copyrights – You and only you own the full copyrights of the code/design developed by our developer/designer for you.
  • Reselling Rights – As you own the code copyrights, you can sell the code/design to 3rd party and we will not have any problem with that.
  • Free Setup – We will set up the code on your server without any charge.
  • Working Hours – Depends upon your requirement
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