There are many services of Swayam Infotech which could be useful for any corporate entity in India, be it a foreign subsidiary or a locally owned company; a new start-up or an existing organisation. Further, most of these services could be called into action at any time as per the specific needs of the company. These services, therefore, are sorted along as miscellaneous services. They are all independent of each other. Swayam Infotech has been rendering these services to most of our existing clients as and when these are required from us.

Our Services include:

  • Recruitment and Staffing: Swayam Infotech, internally and with the help of external partners, provides comprehensive support for staff recruitment, selection and onboarding. Not only do we advise our clients on drafting an appropriate job description, but also we keep them advised on median salary for a given position and assist in front-ending the interviews. In certain cases, we also assist our clients by absorbing their staff on our own payroll for a limited period. Our full set of services under this vertical include:
    • Long-listing and Short-listing of Candidates
    • Conducting Interviews – Telephonic, Web-based and Face-to-Face
    • Reference and Background Checks
  • Process Excellence Solutions: Swayam Infotech provides services dedicated to Process Excellence, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing concepts. The target being large manufacturing companies who could benefit from the approach to efficiency maximization and waste reduction. The services we offer under this vertical are:
    • Lean Management
    • Six Sigma Implementation
    • Process Efficiency Maximization and Wastage Reduction
  • VPN Solutions: Keeping in mind the full requirements of customers, Swayam Infotech offer VPN Network Solution Service. In addition to this, this service is identified for reliability, timely completion and flexibility. Our service is handled by expert’s team who use advanced technique.

    We aim at providing a comprehensive suite that includes the following services:

    • Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation, and Optimization
    • Campus Switching and Routing running voice, video, and Data
    • Wireless LAN Solutions
    • VPN and Network Security Solutions
    • Configuring Gateways with WAN links over Frame-relay / Analog and Digital leased circuits / ISDN PRI/BRI/dial-up / Broadband
    • Media conversion technologies such as UTP to Fiber(single mode / Multimode)s
    • Third Party Content Management and load balancing solutions
    • LAN Infrastructure Audit and Analysis
    • WAN Traffic Audit, Analysis, Monitoring, and Shaping Enterprise Network Support