Dynamic pricing is fast becoming the standard for companies to discover the right market price. This is a function of demand and supply along with the market situation at that time. Auctions have been in practice for time immemorial for sale of various products from art, jewellery, property, electronics, antiques, furniture and many more.

Building auction software systems is one of our top services, pulse designers understand auction processes, usabilities and the dynamics of a custom auction sites. We integrate auctions into inventory control systems, social networking, ERP softwares and make it effective for large merchants to use this attractive online auctions technology to make sales without reducing retail prices.


  • Offer buyer checkout with sales invoicing, sales tax, shipping options, and multiple payment options.
  • Swayam Infotech intelligently suggests the grouping of items purchased from each seller, according to shipping and payment options, for each invoice.
  • Booking management.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • On-priority Customer Support.