The Real estate industry has been spread across the globe in the last decade. Various giants in the industry have taken a major step towards becoming reachable on the move by having secured their mobile presence. People looking for apartments for rent or sale can download these mobile apps on their smartphones and go ahead with their search comfortably.

Swayam Infotech helps real estate companies go mobile. Our developers are able to create desired interactivity to encourage users to explore the best possible results out of their searches with minimum efforts in very little time and are able to implement such solutions that aid the real estate field.

Below are the key features that are our superior Service :

  • Use as a direct marketing channel: For direct contact with customers, are often integrated options to allow messaging, emailing, chatting, etc.
  • Stay connected with customers 24/7: The golbal world is now connected and so your real estate business requires. By dedicated real estate mobile application development, you become available to your customers rought the clock which ultimately results in many more opportunities.
  • Build your brand, easily: An application can give desired exposure to your real estate company. By application, you’ll position your company/brand within the market with very little effort.
  • Ultimately, capture more leads: When you have a real estate app with the above-mentioned feature, there is no doubt you will face any short of inquiries.
  • Power your customers with geolocation: Let your app facilitate customer’s use of the ability of geolocation. Let’s allow them to find the localities around your web site.

For more information and examples of our best real estate mobile apps implementations, please feel free to contact us.