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TaxiApp Booking Application
An extraordinary taxi booking application which brings users and drivers to one platform. It is quick, hassle free, secure and totally safe to use. It provides a very easy way to find and book a ride instead of waiting for buses, waiving for cabs and having a nice ride.

Taxi Booking application platform is the main mediator between drivers and users/passengers to simplify their day to day travelling needs in a very easy and time saving way. Where users/passengers need to register their account by providing minimal details of their. Once registration is done users/passengers can access whole application account based features quickly with extra ordinary user-interface.

Users can also become a driver or can apply/register as a drive later from their account by providing minimal details. If all is well then they become a driver and start earning money.

Users/Passengers can find/access nearby areas taxies and plan their journey. Once appropriate taxi finds users/passengers can send requests to a particular driver & Driver can accept or reject receive request for ride. If the driver accepts the request then the driver will go to pick up the passengers, Also rider and driver both track each other's locations on map with estimated time of pickup.

Once the driver reaches the pickup location, the ride will be started by the driver, Users/Passengers will get all the notification alerts for the whole ride process. Users/Passengers can take a chargeable hold during travelling for particular reasons. Once the ride ends, riders will get notification, invoice mail and details on screen.

Driver or users/passengers both can give reviews & ratings to each other, If the user/passenger enjoys a ride then also can give a tip to the driver.

Drivers can also change their availability to online/offline according to his/her working convenient time, having an access to see current or past rides and its full details, able to see their reviews & ratings which was provided by user/passengers, set their emergency SOS contacts so whenever feel insecure while travelling use them to save from particular situation, Manage multiple vehicles and it’s details and choose one vehicle for ride, update profile general details or account password and many more.

Similarly, Users/Passengers can cancel their ride with the reason if any problem occurred during travelling, having an access to see current or past rides and its full details, able to see their reviews & ratings which was provided by drivers, set their emergency SOS contacts so whenever feel insecure while travelling use them to save from particular situation, update profile general details or account password and many more. Taxi Booking application provides a complete package to make life easy for traveling at a user friendly platform.

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Get your own taxi booking application launched on you brand name with your preferred language and your currency in just 3-5 days only. You can feel relax once placed order with us our excellent team will take care of everything and whole process from starting to ending and do all the require things and also help to launch them to live as soon as possible.

Our provided standard package consist of below things:

  • User/Driver Taxi Booking Application iOS Application
  • User/Driver Taxi Booking Application Android Application
  • Taxi Booking Application Administrator Web Panel
See What We Offer
Why Us ?
We will provide many kind of services to help you with the growth
of your business through our application development solutions.
Server setup or installation
Our expert technical team will set up the server and also let you know the server configure requirements for hosting. We will configure all the required things on your server so it will work smoothly.
Open Source Database
We have used MySQL database and it is an open source database and one of the most safest and reliable databases.
Deployment to live store
Our expert team will deploy applications to respective live stores and our expert team also ensures that it gets approved by the respective live store.
Application rejection support
Our highly expert team has launched many platform applications to live store. We will ensure that if your application gets rejected then we will help you to get it approved by each live store.
Licensed source codes
By delivering source codes we will also provide license to modify / customise changes as per your requirements.
Bug Support From us
We will provide you support to resolve critical bugs from the functions which we have implemented. If there are any bugs you will find then report them to us and we will try to get it solved as soon as possible.
1 Month other supports
You will also get technical and non-technical support for 1 month after purchasing the product, Our support team will try to solve it as soon as possible.
Free support for images and text changes
We will provide small images and text changes with free of cost* for the first week of the product deployment.
Provide free support for additional one language
We will provide english language support by default with the product and one more language support with free of cost. So you can let us know which another language you want to support for your application.
White labelling for our product package
Our product package includes white label taxi booking codes and website panels on your brand or name at no extra chargeable codes. If you wish then on your website panel or anywhere into the product we will not write or say that your application is developed or maintained by us.
Further business growth plan suggestions
We will provide or share our large experience in the taxi booking industry to expand products worldwide in order to get success. Our expert team will guide and discuss with you about the product's future plan at free of cost.
Development Cost of Taxi Booking Application

To figuring out the development cost of project is not an easy task.There are various kinds of factors like features and functionalities which affect the cost of development directly. The platform of development and regions are also major factors that affect the development cost in various way. The cost of developing application charges per hour depends on the economy of the country. In the US the cost of development is $120-$200, whereas in Europe it is $90-$160 per hour. But in Malaysia, the app development cost is only $20-$60 per hour. You must note that low-cost doesn’t mean low quality of the development.The rate of development in any country is decided by the economy of that country.

Product Engineering
To convert your other taxi booking application like idea into reality we are following below processs to make easier development process from starting to ending. We are also offering custom product engineering solutions for booking related requirements.
Concept Analysis

Concept Analysis

We are working on the core proof of the main concepts, Identifying all the requirements for the project and do analysis of the all gathered data to get a core output.

Blueprints and Designs

Blueprints and Designs

We are creating blueprints based on our concept analysis process and prepare most user-friendly design for better user engagements.

Product development

Product development

Development will be started once we have all the blueprints and design for the product. We are following different methodology for different requirement for better development results.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

To fully ensure the quality of product we are applying different kind of the strategy and testing methodology to get quality product.

Product Deployment

Product Deployment

We will help you to deploy your quality product to live store. All the require server and it's configuration and details will be provided to you for submission.

Maintenance and Evolution

Maintenance and Evolution

Once all set with the product you can evaluate your product and contract with us for product maintenance or enhancements based on users or your input.

Our Apps Are User Friendly

As we know that all the applications may not be technically understandable easily to all kinds of people. We are ensured that our developed applications are very easy to use and all kinds of users either they are technical or non-technical can easily understand them. We are including a rich user interface with easy to use usage flow for the application.

Mobile App Development Experts

Since we have started the development of a taxi booking application, we have gone from strength to strength and leaders in the mobile application and web development industry. We have a vast knowledge of transportation & booking related industry.

Experience That Spans Over A Decade

With over 14 years of quality experience, our excellent leaders and project managers understand what actually our client's requirements for their business successful expansion using our provided mobile applications and websites. Our vast experience helps our clients to make their business more successful all over the world.

Are you ready to become the next startup for your product?
Are you ready to become the next million dollar startup?

Swayam Infotech has partnered with and helped with many startups and businesses. Our primary focus will be on understanding the current market and understanding your business needs with your target audience and market in mind and providing solutions using technology relevant to you. We want to believe in your idea, core concepts as much as you do. Feel free to ask for a demo of product or want to work with us then contact us.