Extra ordinary facilities and infrastructure at Swayam Infotech

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Swayam Infotech provides an effective work atmosphere with better enguagement with whole Swayam Team (family). Lot’s of celebrations like birthday, festivals etc and many more. Extra ordinary infrastructure most probably into gujarat area with world class facilities for employess and trainee. Facilities like: 1.... Read More

Software development cycle at Swayam Infotech

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We are generally following 8 step cycle for better software (mobile application or website development at Swayam Infotech, Here are the steps to get best quality software from the company. Step 1: Requirement analysis for the software.Step 2: Planning.Step 3: Define actual scope and requirements.Step 4: Designing and prototyping... Read More

Best opportunities at Swayam Infotech

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Swayam Infotech is an established web and desktop development company delivering web and desktop development services of any complexity to clients worldwide. Since 2007 being in IT business Swayam has a strong team of skilled experienced IT experts. Company’s basic competencies are setting up dedicated offshore technical... Read More

Social Media Marketing Planning Systems – An Introduction

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Social media is an effective way to make an impact on your target audience, and you can get the word out about your online business, get more leads and make more sales. What we are talking about here is a vehicle you can use to reach out to your audience and greatly add to your exposure. You really never know when something could... Read More

KPOs – offering great career opportunities for knowledgeable professionals

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KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a value added form of a BPO. While BPO is a highly process-based sector requiring lower level of expertise, KPO requires extensive knowledge in the domain being outsourced. India and China are emerging at the leaders in KPO due to the cost advantages and availability of talented resources. The segments of KPO... Read More

Career Opportunity in 3D Animation and Multimedia

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These days it is unusual to see Children keep in touch with mythological stories or characters which in our generation were thought as a lesson of prime importance; this could be attributed to the rise of a new dimension in entertainment called animation. This is a world of amazing graphics, special effects and exotic technologies that mesh and converge... Read More