Importance of Artificial Intelligence in our daily life

Nowadays, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the hottest topic in the world. We hear the term AI many a times in our daily life but have you ever tried to know that what does AI(Artificial Intelligence) mean?

The term AI (Artificial Intelligence also known as machine intelligence) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans such as learning, problem solving, reasoning, perception and many more. The main feature of AI is to take actions that have best chance of acheiving the goals some examples of AI are video games, smart cars, fraud detection, online customer support and etc.

Types of Artificial Intelligence:

Generally, It’s classified into following types:

1. Reactive Machines: It is most basic type in AI system, It does not store any memories or past experience it only reponse to the current situations (For example playing chess).

2. Limited Memory: After reactive machines, AI system exists limited memory in this it contains some enough memories or past experiences, by that it takes proper decison or can execute new actions (For example self driving cars).

3. Theory of Mind: In this type AI system can deal with our emotions, expectations, feelings, affection and can also understand the things which affect to our body (For example c-3PO from starwars). This type of AI system does not exist.

4. Self – aware: In this AI system,they can know about themselves,their current state and can predict the feelings of other.They are future generations of machine,for example Ava in the movie Ex Machina.This type of AI system does not exist.

AI technology has also entered in many fields like healthcare, business, education, finance, law and many more. May be in future AI will help in all problems and day by day AI system is playing major role in our daily lifestyle.

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