2021 Graphic Design Patterns That Will Spark the Revolt

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Design trends for the next year are still big news and 2021 is just started, the old and the modern have never been more wanted. To say that 2020 was a strange year is more than just an underestimate. But in the online world, compulsory closures of shops, lockdowns, and educational establishments, and so on, have had a significant... Read More

How to Create Clickable Social Cards in Seconds –Infographic

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AnyImage is a unique web-based tool that enables you to transform regular images into clickable social cards, linking to any web page of your choice. The cards can be shared on a number of social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+  A study by Facebook themselves reported that users were... Read More

Web and Graphic Design For Fullfilling the Business Success

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Sensational graphic design could be the applied art of arranging text and pictures in a way that effectively communicates a communication. Sensational graphic designers can enhance the picture of advertising your small business and products through media like direct mail, flyers, newsletter design, brochure design, annual reports,... Read More

Graphic designing vs. Web designing

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Do you feel the concepts of graphic design and web design point towards the same objective? At first they may seem to be having similarities whereas in reality there are more differences than similarities.  For many of the designers understanding the difference between graphic design and web design is like a roller coaster ride... Read More

Important Images Needed in Business Brochure Printing

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Business brochure printing  is not just about printing the facts of your company in your color brochures. For a proper and effective brochure printing, you must not forget a few important images that most business brochures have. These images are part of the process of projecting your business image and philosophy into your brochure,... Read More

Twitter Paid $6 or Less for Crowdsourced ‘Birdie’ Graphic

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The bird on Twitter’s home page, familiar to millions, is small, cute and fun, and implies communication and anticipation. One might say it’s the perfect graphic for Twitter. Yet the company paid its designer at most $6, without attribution. Some designers claim crowdsourcing is evil because it devalues their work by driving down prices, allowing... Read More

5 Tips For Design Students

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1 Don’t be afraid of the web The Internets wont bite! ( I swear) I saw LOTS of great print work, but not very much web work. Don’t worry if your school does not have a web design class! Search the internet, buy a book and take a crack at it! I can’t stress how important it is to at least understand how to design for the... Read More

Logos: A Graphic Reflection of Your Product

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Your business logo creates a feeling of trust among consumers and becomes distinct for brand identification. A graphic or a logo associated with your business house is the thrust for great achievement in business. An impressive logo design is an identity for selling your products, differentiating you from others. Adding value to your company, the logo... Read More

Graphic Design Firms in the New Orleans Area

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The most important aspect of any graphic design effort is the visual impact that your business imagery creates to the viewer. Unfortunately, many parts of New Orleans are less than photogenic for the time being, which makes the impact you can create with your company logos, product branding, signage, and marketing literature and brochures that much... Read More

Tips to Create an Effective Graphic Design Portfolio

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To the graphic designer, it is not sufficient just to have a diploma or knowledge in designing. In addition to this, their career is greatly dependent on their graphic design portfolio. This is because it is based on the material produced in the portfolio that you get your future job openings. When creating your portfolio, you have to concentrate on... Read More