Instagram rolls out ‘Archive’ feature on Android and iOS


Facebook-owned Instagram has rolled out a new ‘Archive’ feature for its iOS and Android user, that lets you hide posts from your profile easily without deleting them. Using the new option, users can temporarily hide posted pictures/videos from their Instagram profiles. This will be very useful for those who want to hide some of their pictures or videos from their profile temporarily.

 Here is how the new archive option works. When you can click the menu button on a photo, you get a new Archive option. Once you click it, it disappears from your profile and move to archive and will no longer show up on the profile. Users can find the ‘Archive’ icon next to the Discover people option in their profile. Tapping on it will also allow the users to see all the posts they have archived.  Only you can see the posts that you have archived. At any time you can choose a photo or video from the archive and set it to ‘show on your profile’.

Instagram recently added the ability to upload images from its mobile website. It also got new face filters similar to Snapchat.

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