Apple Will Replace The 4th Generation iPad With The iPad Air 2


Customers who need to replace their fourth generationiPad will now get a newer and more capable iPad Air 2 as a substitute from Apple Stores and authorised service providers. Apple is doing this because the company has no stock left of the aging and now discontinued fourth generation iPad, 9to5Mac website reported. Apple has also asked its staff to inform customers of the replacement unit’s colour and capacity. Apple for at least two decades has historically upgraded a customer’s order or service replacement if a lack of stock would result in a long wait without a device.

The iPad Air 2 introduced a new gold colour option, and has 32GB and 128GB storage options while 16GB and 64GB models were discontinued. The new iPad is simply called iPad and replaces the iPad Air 2. For that reason, the users may receive a slight upgrade in storage when getting a replacement in addition to the device’s newer and more powerful internals overall. Apple typically supports products for at least 5 years following discontinuation, meaning users of the 4th gen iPad can continue to get repairs and support from Apple stores and authorized service providers. The specifications of the iPad remains the same, the only major difference is the A8X chipset, the new 9.7-inch iPad is powered by a newer A9 chipset.

The new model is slightly thicker and fractionally heavier than the device it replaces. The iPad will be available in a 32GB and 128GB variant with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + Cellular options. Prices start at $329 (around Rs 22,000) for the base Wi-Fi only model and can go up to $559 for the 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model (around Rs 37,000). This upgrade applies to Apple’s official stores or authorized service centers. 

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