5G Launch


India has been reducing from one generation to other. Like 2G took 15 years, 3G took 9 years while the latest 4G took 6 years. And unlike previous generations, researchers, operators, regulating agencies have had enough dosage of lessons from the multiple standards of previous generation Mobile telecom technologies. 5G is the fifth generation of wireless networks which are expected to offer not just more speed for end users and also have the capacity to connect the billions of devices like driverless cars and household appliances which will connect to the internet in the near future.  After playing catchup with the rest of the world in the adoption of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, the Indian government wants the country to be an early adopter of 5G, which is expected to be commercially rolled out by 2020. 

4g-double-speed- The popular ‘Smart City’ concept involves a huge role of connecting medium viz. Intetnet network with high speed and low latency. At least 4G is required for the same though optimum justice can only be offered by 5G. While testing the 5G Internet speeds, we have seen an impressive and astounding performance. The average download speed has clocked over 2500 mbps (2.5 GB Per Second). 5G is capable of delivering speeds of over one 1 gigabit per second and support several devices at once .

Jio is further accelerating the progress in the telecom arena in India by making 4G reach the masses as well as coming up soon with Smart connected homes and vehicles. Additionally there is an ensuing war between operators in 4G sector with regards to Tariff and actual Data speeds. In short, over the years India has been keeping fast pace in catching up with latest technological advancements across the world and the rate of delay in adoption of new technologies is on a sharp decline with every passing day. 

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