Reliance Jio second in user base with 23 percent market share

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Proving to be a true disruption, Reliance Jio has become the second telecom player in terms of users, capturing more than 23 percent of the Indian market. Reliance Jio has grown aggressively in the latter half of 2016, racking up over 16.2 million subscribers in November and taking its total subscriber base to 51.87 million within three months of launching the service, a report says. Reliance Jio’s total subscriber base touched 51.87 million within three months of its launch. The growth is owing to the Jio welcome offer of providing unlimited data to its subscribers till March 31 this year.

“Investigating the last six months of usage, we can see that Jio has grown aggressively at the end of 2016 summer. Jio racked up millions of customers in their first few months and picked up the pace of acquisition towards the end of the year,” the report stated

According to TRAI data, in the month of November 2016 alone, Jio was leading in mobile broadband segment followed by Idea with net addition of 2.52million new customers. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone added 1.08 million and 890,794 subscribers, respectively.  Mobile Internet usage is expected to grow to over 500 million customers by the end of 2017 with a large portion of those picking Jio. 

1476076691Reliance_jio Reliance Jio has become the primary data connection on most of the mobile devices in India, with 42 per cent users having activated Jio in their 4G-enabled slot. Jio is also leading in data consumption, with a Jio-user logging 6.54GB on average compared to 1.28GB on Airtel, 1.29GB on Vodafone and 1.32GB on Idea.

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