Today’s waterproof wireless speakers have become smarter than ever. The top offerings will not only play your favorite tunes, but also charge your mobile devices, and even deliver additional functionality when connected to a smartphone app.

UE Roll 2 : ap_resize
The freshly launched UE ROLL 2 is our favorite small water
proof speaker
. Like its Boom 2 sibling, it offers characterful design, cool color schemes, and excellent ergonomics. Its frequencies response 108 – 20000 Hz. Wireless Connectivity Technology. Its sound quality is truly excellent for a speaker of such size.


Ultimate Ears took the wraps off a successor to the compact UE ROLL wireless speaker. The waterproof gadget is dubbed UE ROLL 2 and features the same cool design as its predecessor, significantly improved hardware, and a neat swimming pool floatie in its retail package.

Some may call it a gimmick, but waterproof speakers are here to stay. It might’ve been a passing fad when the first few manufacturers, like Ultimate Ears (UE, for short) and JBL, first started releasing these water-tolerant audio devices a few years back, but now they’re a staple of the market. xDSC03467-640x427.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4woVXS4qrx

The two key areas where the UE ROLL 2 improves on its predecessor are sound and wireless range. Ultimate Ears claims 15 percent better sound experience than the first generation (the newcomer’s maximum sound level is 86 dBA), as well as wireless range of up to a whopping 100 feet.

UE ROLL 2 weighs 12 ounces. Its battery can deliver tunes for up to nine hours before running out of power.There are two wired ports on the back of the UE ROLL 2: a microUSB for charging and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for enjoying content when wireless connectivity is not an option.


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