Upcoming changes to the Google Play Private Channel


Google are excited to announce a few upcoming changes to the Google Play Private Channel, G Suite admins to distribute private (custom) Android apps to their users via the Play Store app. With this launch, private apps will be more discover-able and easier for users to access. Customers using private apps will also be able to white-list these apps for work profiles and company-owned devices in a more streamlinedmanner by using an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider. 




Previously, private apps were located in your company’s Private Channel: in the Play Store Android app under the tab [your organization’s name], which is the last category within the Play app. The downside of Google Private Channel is that it is only available for Android apps on Android devices. There are, however, some limitations worth noting. Each organization using Google Apps is allowed only one Private Channel: even if your Google Apps account is setup with multiple domains, you can only have one channel for your entire organization. You can allow multiple publishers in your organization to publish applications on your channel, and each publisher can operate independently, but the limit is still one.


To use the service, organizations need to have a Google Apps for Business, Education or Government domain. A Google Apps administrator must enable the Google Play Developer Console for employees already registered as Google Play apps publishers who will be publishing apps internally. The ability to download internal apps through the Google Play Private Channel also is controlled by Google Apps administrators for a given domain.


Google are expecting launch these changes to Google Play Private Channel on January 31, 2017.

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