Samsung Launching New Class Of TVs


  Samsung claim that QLED is the next big thing in TV technology. Samsung is all set to unveil their third generation of Quantum Dot TV technology at upcoming CES 2017 in January. QLED marks a major shift forward in TV picture quality and colour. Using so-called “Quantum Dot” technology, this could be the latest trend set to revolutionise the way TV screens are made.

What is a QLED TV?

QLED is the name given by Samsung to a technology that combines LED screens with nano-technology. The ‘Q’ stands for Quantum Dot, which is set to emerge as the next superstar in smart material. while also unlocking the potential of high dynamic range (HDR) technology like never before. Samsung plans to offer family-oriented applications such as health care programs and digital picture frames as well as games. Samsung’s range of smart TVs includ
e the apps ITV Player and motion controlled Angry Birds.

The first of these terms clearly suggests that Samsung’s latest TVs will achieve light outputs of at least 1500 nits (2016’s models were marketed as ‘HDR 1000’ and cleared 1000 nits). The ‘Q HDR’ name suggests a desire by Samsung to equate Quantum Dots as key to a premium HDR experience. And ‘Real Black’ seems to be Samsung challenging rival OLED technology on its traditional ‘safe ground’ of black level response. The color volume is to give the users a power to change the brightness levels of their television screens and make the images on the screen look more realistic.

According to Samsung, it is a big deal for its new TVs to reproduce color volume effectively with better brightness levels. This is because the color volume is the feature where traditional OLED TVs struggled initially. But this won’t be the case with the new class of TVs by Samsung.


Samsung hasn’t yet revealed the price of its new QLED range, but they should be cheaper than OLED screens, as the technology is cheaper to produce. This is because OLEDs are each individually lit, making the manufacturing process expensive, whereas Quantum Dot TVs still rely on the relatively cheaper LCD backlight. 

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