4 Major Drupal Modules To Transform Your Website To Social Media Hub

The advancement in technology has brought the world together. Further, the concept of social networking has enabled people to share their ideas, photos, information with their friends and relatives. This can also help businesses to get in touch with their customers, get their feedbacks and share information about their new products or services. Thus, figuring out its huge advantage, businesses are taking a step ahead to add social networking feature to their websites. However, sharing huge content is not possible for a business site. But, once it’s decided to convert it into a social hub, it becomes an easy task, and to achieve this phenomenon, a Drupal web development company can help you. Thinking How? Read on!

Earlier, a lot of complicated coding and long hours of development activities had to be carried out, when you need to customize a Drupal website into a social sharing platform. But, now, the same process has become quite easier and less time consuming due to the implementation of some Drupal social modules into your site. In just a few steps, these modules can transform it into a social networking hub. The process is quite easy, as it doesn’t require any hard coding.

Let us know about some of the major modules, which Drupal development company usually uses and helps its clients to successfully transform the portals into social platforms.

User Relationships

A must have module for you to mark it. With the help of this module your user can send invitations to friends. In conjunction with sub modules, User Relationship module is used by admin to specify the roles and user relationship to another users. Moreover, along with handling confirmation and rejection of the invites, it allows admin to check invites, email notification and private messaging.

Activity Stream

On most of the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can find a user’s activity in a single stream, whether in the middle or left hand side. This is the most important feature of a networking site. Activity Stream is the module that provides this paramount functionality to your website. Moreover, it allows you to explore that functionality with some APIs. You can also download some modules to integrate in this module, so that the users can bring in their Facebook, Foursquare and Blogger streams.

Organic Groups

As per the name, it aids the users to build their own individual groups. These groups are created with dedicated homepage, where the users can share their content. It also has a dedicated block that provides general information about the group. This module is a boon for your site as it offers endless possibilities. With Organic Group, you can configure layout, access restrictions and administer memberships.

User Points

With so many social communities running online, its difficult to engage most of the audience. Therefore, sometimes a little incentive given to users will encourage them to participate with your group.

User Points module does this work efficiently. In conjunction with many other contributed modules, it allows users to gain points through actions like posting threads, commenting, moderating or sharing picture. Site moderators use these points to exchange them for goods or upgrade the status of the user on the site.

Along with these major modules, there are several other modules, which can be used to easily convert your website into a social site. For these integrations, you can either hire Drupal development company or hire dedicated Drupal developer for giving a social touch to your site.

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